about Us

ACEO specialize in strategic and creative conference management for any event, industry, or cause. Whether it be a grand opening, corporate conference, or an awards ceremony, ACEO will use our apply our core values of building long-term relationships, efficiency, and open book policy and service.

4-Step Philosophy

We believe that organising any good event requires following four simple steps:

  • We Engage with you, to understand exactly what you want and why you want it.

  • Connect with your delegates. We believe effective communication is necessary to develop enthusiasm and inspire participation.

  • We promise to Deliver and a manage a perfect conference, tailored to your request from start to finish.

  • Finally, Evaluate the process

Our Philosophy

Our focus is to ensure you remain organised while adding value to your meeting or event.

We believe in a simple philosophy, based on our hard work, expertise, and experience as conference managers. Our experience comes into play by ensuring risk reduction.Risk assessments are essential and are always implemented to create a successful strategy. We are always here to offer support in creating your vision, and are dynamic and flexible, ready to react to any and all demands. Take advantage of our high quality services and make use of our partner relationships to create the ideal event for any industry. We also make it our guarantee that our wide range of event planning services will not only offer a comprehensive results, but also a fun and easy organising adventure!